our ethos

a journey from gratitude to legacy

Kumu means source, foundation, and teacher in several Polynesian languages

Kumu is not a think tank. We are a creative community of people actively engaged in new models, narratives and ideas promoting a quantum leap for a just, wise, life-sustaining and ardent society

We believe that traditional activism, which focuses on the consequences of past collective actions, by itself cannot transform a society. We believe that we also need new just and life-sustaining narratives to become the core to our co-creation of the new

In community, with great passion, talent, and dedication, but also with great humility, we are building a space for collective inquiry:  Kumu –our source, foundation and teacher for a thriving and life-sustaining legacy.

Our community rallies the hearts and minds of amazing innovators worldwide who are committed to personal and collective transformation.

Honoring our legacy, and expressing our emotions of awe, sadness and anger for a beautiful yet unjust and threatened planet, we seek to expand our foresight and our consciousness to embrace the interconnectedness and complexity of our living systems.

Our programs combine the latest in systems thinking, innovation, entrepreneurship and foresight (acceleration) with the ancient inner technologies of mindfulness, somatic expression and art making (deceleration).

Everything we do is offered as a pay-it-forward gift.


Mindful of the interconnectedness of all living systems and consciousness
Advancing a collective engagement in a thriving & sustainable world
Promoting a quantum leap for a just, wise, sustainable, and ardent society




To transform our culture into a thriving, just, and sustainable way of life on Earth
A thriving world where human societies live by the values of sustainability and social justice





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