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Leadership Team


Raquel Santiago
Inner Technologies
Raquel's Bio

Raquel Boluda has mastered a wide range of powerful inner technologies for personal growth, leadership and innovation. Raquel is trained in several types of Yoga and mindfulness meditation, in addition to multiple dance and somatic expression modalities, such as Contemporary, African, Sufi, Middle Eastern, and Butoh.  A teacher, and a somatic therapist, Raquel is the founder of Alchemy Spinning™, a powerful and yet accessible whirling mindfulness practice providing participants with a state of expanded consciousness conducive to creative breakthroughs, innovation and personal transformation. Raquel has performed internationally for UNESCO, TEDx and other organizations, often helping audiences attain a deeper comprehension of complex envirosocial issues, such as ocean noise pollution.


Nadia Chaney
Social Artistry
Nadia's Bio

Nadia Chaney believes in the everyday poetry of life and leadership. Since 2002 she has facilitated well over two thousand events and workshops using the arts for personal and social transformation. She was co-founder of Metaphor, a hip hop-based youth empowerment project; a founding member of the Transformative Communities Project Society; a founding member of the East Van Celebration Society as well as a regular facilitator and consultant for many organizations, companies, educators and government programs. She holds a postgraduate diploma in Dialogue and Negotiation and a M.A in Imaginative Education from Simon Fraser University. She specializes in engagement, creative risk-taking, process design, and participatory decision-making. She has a long history of public performance, poetry and installation art.


Brian D. Edgar
Director of Media and Education
Brian's Bio

Brian D. Edgar is a transformative educator with a passion for education programming – learning that heeds the human need for creative expression, self-direction, collaboration and wellness. He earned his B.A. in English and Classics at Rutgers University, and his M.A. in English Education at Brooklyn College. As a NYC English teacher, Brian mentored young writers using a an individualized approach to teaching reading and writing. This experience inspired Brian to earn his PhD in Education at Stanford University, where he taught in the Science, Technology and Society program. Brian is a founding member of the Urban Assembly School for Law and Justice in Brooklyn, New York. His writing has appeared in The Brooklyn Rail, Scholarly and Research Communication and Harvard Educational Press. Brian’s most recent work, Blackboard Bodhisattvas, tells the stories of three exemplary educators and their journeys into teaching

Manuel Maqueda
Founder and Director
Manuel's Bio

Manuel is passionate about ushering a life-sustaining, just, and thriving way of life.  Manuel has founded / is involved in a variety of value-driven organizations and projects. He is the author of the forthcoming book The Meaning Economy. Manuel holds a Master’s degree in Economics and Business, and a Law Degree. He teaches social entrepreneurship at UC Berkeley and gives workshops and lectures internationally. More info at http://www.manuelmaqueda.org/  

Some of our Mentors and Innovators

Jeff Goldsmith. Mentor in Residence

Jeff Goldsmith executes marketing solutions with a mix of strategic insight and creative vision, helping companies to clarify their brands and to target their messages effectively across all customer touch points. Jeff brings a strong writing, strategy, advertising and branding background to his marketing strategy. His website – jeffreygoldsmith.com – contains case studies. His online portfolio contains advertising and branding work done with many designers over the years. Jeff has worked at various agencies and direct with clients over 20 years in San Francisco, in New York, and in Tokyo.

Evan Steiner. Mentor in Residence

Evan Steiner is deeply committed to reframing the manner in which we approach business, investing, and philanthropy, purposefully grounding these frameworks in truth and integrity. He is passionate about integrating an understanding of entrepreneurship, culture, and spirituality to work across sectors and facilitate change. Evan has worked as the Programming Director for the HUB San Francisco, Project Manager for the Social Capital Markets conference (SOCAP), Program Manager for Better Ventures (Previously HUB Ventures), service volunteer at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, and taught environmental education and outdoor leadership throughout the United States. Evan collaborates and consults with mission-driven organizations whose focus includes systemic approaches to social innovation, cross-sector leadership, impact investing, philanthropy, and transformational education

Jay Golden. Mentor in Residence

Jay Golden, is the cofounder of story consulting firm Wakingstar. Jay works with Fortune 500 leaders and social change experts to help them find, shape and tell their stories, to improve their speaking, strengthen their management, and bring their visions to life. Jay believes that our lives – and our organizations – are made of stories, and hat the key moments and critical insights in our lives and our companies form the center of our work. The shift that results from these stories tell the audience ‘why’ we do this work – and the ‘why’ is what connects us to our teammates, our customers and our partners, propelling us forward and bringing our visions to life. Jay’s clients include Facebook, YouTube, Environmental Defense Fund, Rainforest Action Network, International Rivers, Free Range Studios, and Levi Strauss.

Malcolm Hobbs. Mentor in Residence

Malcolm Hobbs has over 20 years of Business Development and Marketing experience and key responsibility in high-growth established and startup technology companies in Silicon Valley. Malcolm was Director of Internet Marketing and Business Development at Apple; Vice President of Corporate Communications at Oracle, and Vice President of Marketing Development at Icix, to just mention a few. Malcolm is passionate about designing and implementing marketing and business development plans to scale up businesses into new markets and segments, including the international arena, especially when businesses find themselves at early stages, at pivotal moments, entering new markets or launching new products. Malcolm has served as interim VP of marketing and/or business development in a number of startups, and over several years he was a consultant to TechBA Silicon Valley, supporting technology startups from Mexico that are expanding into the US market. In recent years Malcolm has become interested in helping grow the sustainable business sector, where revenue fosters a positive impact on people and planet. An avid cyclist, Malcolm has been a volunteer cycling coach for several teams and events raising funds for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

Jake Dunagan. Founding Innovator. Transformative Futures

Jake Dunagan is passionate about the intersection of foresight, governance, and design.  Jake is Research Director at The Institute for the Future, where he leads the Governance Futures Lab. he has been exploring social invention and political design for the Anthropocene Epoch, a geological era defined by human activity, and human responsibility. Jake has written on comprehensive cognitive design, judicial foresight, kids’ technologies, neuroscience and the ocean, alternative energy futures, social media, and the future of work. Jake also designs artifacts, games, immersive experiences of future worlds, and produces guerilla public engagement projects that inject alternative futures into the mental ecology of the present.

Pablo Freund. Founding Innovator. Transformative Organizations

Hailing from a past in international finance and banking, Pablo is helping shed new light on the role of innovative design, social entrepreneurship, and technology in creating a sustainable, thriving world. As the Managing Director of Buckminster Fuller Institute, Pablo is passionate about demonstrating that the work of futurist Buckminster Fuller can serve as a framework for global transformation, centered on conceiving of “humanity as a resounding success.” Pablo holds a History of Art and Architecture, and an Economics undergraduate degrees from Brown University, and a MSc in Sustainability Management from  Columbia University’s Earth Institute

Chris Jordan. Founding Innovator. Transformative Visual Arts

Chris Jordan is considered one of the most transformative visual artists of our time. His powerful media work uses hybrid strategies in order to attach meaning, feeling, archetypes and metaphors to data, statistics and complex, hard to see/feel envirosocial issues. Jordan’s current project, Midway, is a feature film taking us in a multi-layered journey from horror to beauty. Midway-related media has already reached over 15 million people, while the upcoming film is poised to become a cultural landmark.

Caroline Casey. Founding Innovator. Mythological Meta Stories

Caroline Casey is a journalist, an astrologer, an activist and and expert in myths and metaphors with a passion for inviting people across the social and ideological spectrum to conjure, and implement a more lovingly ingenious world. Caroline is the creator and host of  “The Visionary Activist Show” on Pacifica Radio , KPFA and KPFK. She is a regular keynote speaker at  international conferences such as Bioneers and has offered mythological-astrological news analysis on ABC”s “Nightline”, CNN’s “Crossfire”, in “People Magazine “, on NPR, Public Radio,, CBS’s “Nightwatch”, “Fox Morning News”, and other media. Caroline is the author of Making the Gods Work For You – the astrological language of the psyche.

Ahmed Rahim. Founding Innovator. Creative Community Transformation

Ahmed Rahim is the cofounder of Numi, the largest organic, fair trade company in North America, and has traveled the world partnering with farmers to improve their quality of life. He is involved in a variety of organizations transforming communities through infusing art, creativity,education, and nature in underprivileged areas. One of his projects, ACTION, leverages the work of thousands of organizations to lift up the city of Oakland, California, through O’Days; taking action with positive and nurturing themed project days. 

David McConville. Founding Innovator. Immersive Digital Experiences

David is passionate about using immersive environments and visualizations to facilitate community dialogues about how our collective actions are shaping humanity’s future. David is President of the Buckminster Fuller Institute, and co-founder of The Elumenati, an immersive visualization technology company. David is also creative director of the Worldviews Network, a collaboration of scientists, artists, and educators exploring the transformative power of immersive media

Velcrow Ripper. Founding Innovator. Transformative Film

Velcrow is passionate about the intersection between filmmaking, social change, and spirituality.  He is a documentary filmmaker, a writer, and a public speaker. Velcrow’s award-winning films include  Occupy Love, documenting the Occupy Wall Street movement; Scared Sacred, visiting the ‘Ground Zeros’ of the planet; and Fierce Light,When Spirit Meets Action. His 1995 feature documentary, Bones of the Forest, won twelve major awards, including a Genie Award. Velcrow is a co-founder of the Gulf Islands Film and Television School, and has taught film at Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design, and at the Ontario College of Art and Design. He also teaches workshops and lectures on the themes of spirituality and activism. Born Steve Ripper, he adopted the nickname Velcrow while participating in punk rock culture in his youth.

Michael Stocker. Founding Innovator. Transformative Bioacustics

Michael is passionate about understanding how animals, -humans included- relate to sound. He is founding director of Ocean Conservation Research, studying the impacts of human generated noise on marine life. A renaissance man, and a technical generalist, Michael has designed bio-acoustic and psycho-acoustic settings for museums and aquariums, worked in applied physics with bio-mimicry firm Pax Scientific, designed switch-mode power supplies and custom electronics for commercial music and film production facilities (including his work as musical and electronics engineer for the feature film “Koyaanisqatsi”), and continues to compose and perform music on various instruments. These fields along with a deep love of biology are well suited for his current work in bio-acoustic research and policy development.

Halsey Burgund. Founding Innovator. Transformative Human Voices

Halsey Burgund is a sound artist and musician who is passionate about the power of spoken human voices within musical performance and installations. He has created web and smartphone apps to collect voices from the public. Crowdsourced voices become inspiration and raw material for collective – and often location-sensitive – musical experiences. Halsey has exhibited and performed his work throughout the U.S. and was recently named a Smithsonian Artist Research Fellow. 

Skyler Jett. Founding Innovator. Transformative Songs

Skyler Jett is a multi-talented, award-winning, Grammy recognized singer songwriter who is passionate about the transformative power of pop music. Skyler has recorded and performed with legendary stars like Stevie Wonder, Sting, Ray Charles, Quincy Jones, Celine Dion, Lionel Richie, James Brown, Al Green, Paul Anka, Barbara Streisand, Christina Aguilera, Diana Ross, Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin, Jennifer Lopez, Mariah Carey, Tom Jones, and many more. Skyler won a Grammy Award for singing with Celine Dion on “My Heart Will Go On” from the blockbuster hit film “Titanic.”  Skyler Jett is Founder and CEO of Music can Save The World and First Kiss Records. Skyler is also the co-host of the SolutionsNowRadio show, and has created and recorded songs about pressing issues such as homelessness, the climate crisis, and the BP Oil Spill.

Joel & Michelle Levey. Kumu Innovators. Transformative Inner Technologies

Dr. Joel & Michelle Levey are passionate about working with organizations and communities around the globe to inspire deeper wisdom, wonder, compassion, resilience, and creativity in life, work, and relationships amidst the challenges, and opportunities of these turbulent and rapidly shifting times. As HH The Dalai Lama has said about their work, they Leveys bring “the inner sciences and technologies of human development and transformation to a very wide section of people who may not under ordinary circumstances come into contact with these teachings.” In fact their clients include NASA, World Bank, Google, Intel, Microsoft, Intuit, NOAA, U.S. Navy, U.S. Army Special Forces, Stanford Research Institute International, The Clinton Global Initiative, U.S. Federal Court, and MIT. Joel and Michelle are clinical faculty of the University of Minnesota Medical School at the Center for Spirituality and Healing; adjunct faculty for the Institute for Spirituality and Health at University of Texas Medical Center; faculty at Bastyr University’s Center for Spirituality, Science, and Medicine; graduate faculty of Mahidol University (Thailand) in Contemplative Studies and Transformational Learning. The Leveys are the authors of 10 books including The Fine Arts of Relaxation, Concentration, and Meditation: Ancient Skills for Modern Minds; and Living in Balance. More information can be found on their website wisdomatwork.com

M.A. Greenstein Ph.D. Partner Innovator. Transformative Brain Knowledge

M.A. Greenstein Ph.D., also known as Dr.G, is passionate about working at the intersection of applied neuroscience, design practices and contemplative arts and sciences. A pioneering researcher in attention and creativity, Dr. G. broke ground in the 1990’s with commentary on artists and designers working at the boundaries of culture identity, art and science. After a Fulbright Grant research project in Taiwan and China in 2000, Dr. G has become a leading voice in applied neuroscience, cross-cultural STEM2STEAM initiatives and R & D for brain health. She teaches ‘design with the brain in mind” at the Art Center College of Design and MICASocial Design programs. She is the Founder, Chairman and Chief Innovation Officer for the George Greenstein Institute.

Simran Sethi. Founding Innovator. Transformative Engagement

Simran Sethi is an award-winning journalist and educator dedicated to a redefinition of environmentalism that uses innovative forms of engagement and includes diverse voices from the prairie, urban core and global community. Simran is passionate about the cohesive elements hidden behind the diverse ways in which humans engage around nature’s rights, food rights, women’s rights and other envirosocial issues. Named “the environmental messenger” by Vanity Fair & a “top ten eco-hero of the planet” by The Guardian, Simran has contributed to NBC, CNBC, PBS, Oprah Winfrey Show, Today Show” and has been featured on Sundance Channel, MSNBC and the History Channel.

Toni Frohoff. Founding Innovator. Animal Wisdom

Toni Frohoff is a dolphin language expert and an animal listener.  As a behavioral and wildlife biologist, she is dedicated to the study of animal communication (both intraspecies and interspecies) and is research director, founder and/or advisor to multiple organizations. Tony holds a Ph.D. in Behavioral Biology, a M.S. in Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences, and a B.S. in Psychology. She is a cofounder of Wild Wisdom, learning from and honoring the wisdom of animals, plants and wild cultures to discover invaluable insights for our hearts and minds. Toni’s work has been featured in NY Times Magazine (cover story), NPRSmithsonian, Discovery Channel, Time MagazineAnimal Planet and National Geographic

‘J’ Nichols. Founding Innovator. Oceans and Neuroconservation

Wallace ‘J’ Nichols is a marine biologist bridging ocean science, activism, social media, and neuroconservation. J Nichols is the founder of Blue Mind to study the effects of the ocean on human consciousness. J has founded and/or sits or has sit on the board of multiple ocean conservation NGO’s, and has launched many creative, lightweight campaigns and actions, such a Blue Marbles. J Nichols is a Research Associate at the California Academy of Sciences.

Claudia Welss. Founding Innovator. Sublte Activism

Claudia Welss is passionate about  the intersection of business and sustainability, and the intersection of sustainability and consciousness. She has worked for Haas Business School, and is affiliated with the Foundation for Conscious Evolution, the Global Coherence Initiative, and the Institute of Noetic Sciences –among other organizations. She is founder of NextNow Collaboratory and launched the Digital Earth/Digital Mind initiative.

Jeff Vander Clute Founding Innovator. Defragmentation of Consciousness

Jeff Vander Clute is helping to build a world of diverse communities united in compassion, happiness, well-being, and humanity’s potential for thriving. Jeff is the Executive Director of New Stories, and a founding editor of the Great Transition Stories project. Previously, as a software engineer and Internet entrepreneur, Jeff created an online publishing platform used by over 30 million people, and social-networking software for “connecting the global heart.” He serves on the boards of several organizations working to bring forth a restored, “restoried,” and thriving world.

Lone Mørch. Founding Innovator. Transformative Female Sovereignty

 Lone Mørch is an artist, award-winning author, fine art photographer, and an advocate for women’s visibility, voice and value. Lone is passionate about leading women back to their healthiest, most liberated and sovereign selves. Lone founded Lolo’s Boudoir to vindicate  women’s bodies, sexuality and self-expression through her award-winning intimate artistic photography. She is also the creator of the Your Sacred Journey program, helping women live with soul and sovereignty. She is the author of Seeing Red, a memoir taking readers in a journey of self discovery to Mt Kailas in Tibet. Lone has lived in Denmark, Nepal and the United States. Her photography and writing have been featured internationally in American, Danish and Nepalese magazines, newspapers and blogs

Kath Delaney. Founding Innovator. Transformative Funding

Kath Delaney is passionate about bridging the gap between philanthropists and visionaries, and between vision and fruition. Kath has spent the past 20 years working on environmental and sustainability issues, and currently serves as Senior Advisor to Global Footprint Network. Kath is the founder of Madera Group, a San Francisco Bay Area communications and development firm advising leaders and social innovators who are in the forefront of social and political change, policy reform, and technological and scientific innovation. Before launching Madera Group, Kath was the Managing Director of the Global Security Institute, promoting security through the elimination of nuclear weapons.

Jeet-Kei Leung. Founding Innovator. Transformative Festivals

Jeet-Kei Leung is passionate about the blossoming phenomenon of Transformative Festivals, immersive participatory realities that are having profound life-changing effects on hundreds of thousands of people all over the world. For years Jeet-Kei has been an active part of  the Transformative Festivals movement as a musical artist, event organizer, and community builder, all while mapping out, studying, and finding the cohesive meaning, language, and stories that brings it together.  Jeet-Kei is a TEDx speaker, and the director, producer, writer and host of The Bloom, a documentary webseries illuminating the significance of Transformational Festivals


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