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Are you a visionary of cultural transformation?

Read on. You’ve come to the right place.

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We support new models, narratives, and ideas that transform the cultural paradigms of our time



Our programs combine the latest in systems thinking, innovation, entreprenurship and foresight (acceleration) with the ancient inner technologies of mindfulness, somatic expression and art making (decelaration)

Everything we do is offered as a pay-it-forward gift



Prospective applicants should read this page thoroughly before applying

Our differentiation
  • Only incubator / accelerator exclusively dedicated to transformative models, narratives, and ideas –only those that transform the cultural paradigms of our time
  • Gift Economy. All is given as a gift to participants
  • Format agnostic: nonprofits, companies, art, hybrids…
  • Systemic focus: not tied to a closed list of sectors
  • Combination of inner and outer technologies
  • Design Thinking + Foresight + Innovation
  • Creative community model






Areas of interest

Here are just a few examples of new narratives



Old Narrative -No

New Narrative -Yes!

Scarcity and reciprocity Post scarcity.
Gift economies
Top to bottom Peer to peer.
Students as teachers
External focus. Science Internal focus. Art
Human rights
Help victims, punish perpetrators Breaking victim-perpetrator cycles







At our own discretion we invite a small number of projects to work side by side with us for an extended period. This we call incubation.

Incubated projects may originate within Kumu, or our network, be selected from our traiings, or come directly from the outside through the general application process described on this page.

This is what our Incubator can do for you:

  • Getting you rolling. Start building your organization and receiving tax-deductible funds.
  • Sharing our expertise. Kumu’s Transformative Curriculum and seasoned experts will support you from step one.
  • Raising funds. Kumu will support your fundraising efforts.
  • Matching you with mentors. Access Kumu’s network for mentoring and additional support.
  • Getting you online. We offer miscellaneous technology services, including website creation assistance.
  • Reaching partners and the public. Kumu’s online and offline networks can help you with outreach.







Are we a match?

 Your idea must meet all four:

  • Transformative: new models, narratives, and ideas with the potential to transform current paradigms
  • Life and justice affirming
  • Viable
  • Forward Thinking






Application Process
  • Currently our application process is open. Use the form below.
  • We are unable to contact all applicants. If we are interested or have questions we will reach out to you.







Whatever you can do -or dream you can- begin it.

Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it













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Name of your idea (required)

Background. Why is your idea needed in the world? (required)

Description. Briefly describe your idea (required)

Innovation. How is your idea innovative? (required)

Transformation. How does your idea transform the cultural paradigms that make it needed? (required)

Mission. Very succinctly summarize what your idea seeks to bring into the world. (required)

Vison. Describe the world once you have completely accomplished your mission (required)

Maturity. How far have you taken this idea forward? Include links if needed. (required)

Vetting Partner Referral. Check the appropriate box if this applies to you.
Buckminster Fuller ChallengeBlum Center for Developing EconomiesBig Ideas at UC BerkeleyKumu Network





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