Kumu Innovator Nadia Chaney is an expert in creative facilitation and social artistry, empowering community voice through radical dialogue.

Much of Nadia’s current work focuses on issues of identity, diversity, participatory process, and non-violence. She is a social artist and senior trainer with PYE Global, an international charity whose mission is to awaken the purpose, power and possibility of young people around the world.

Nadia is helping Kumu design our innovation gatherings, while allowing us to understand the emerging role of social artistry, which she describes as “the art of gathering”

Kumu is very interested in finding entry points for the collective to engage in transformative experiences that lift the veil of our personal and cultural structures, opening up space for the new and the unknown. Nadia is passionate about exploring the role of the creative risk as such catalyst for innovation and transformation.

In this short interview Nadia Chaney tells us more about what social artistry brings to Kumu –and to the world.

Social Artistry. An interview with Nadia Chaney from Kumu on Vimeo.





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