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Through a growing network of over 500 international schools in practically every country on the planet, Global Issues Network nurtures and mobilizes transgenerational communities of global citizens to build a just and sustainable future.  Since 2008  Global Issues Network has created a platform where youth creates and shares local projects with global impact, thus building a new learning narrative (peer-to-peer, transgenerational, lifelong.) Global Issues Network has helped international youth self organize and host 46 international conferences on sustainability and social justice which have touched the lives of over 80,000  students and 1,200 educators from 100 different nationalities, and achieved measurable impact -including policy changes at a national level. Kumu is helping Global Issues Network with creative leadership, organizational development, contextual leadership, venture acceleration and other refoundational activities.


The Meaning Economy is a book and a series of interviews and articles  about how meaning is transforming the economy, and our future.  The Meaning Economy is a vibrant economy that creates value around meaningful experiential interactions.  In the Meaning Economy, meaning defines value, experiences prevail over ownership, products become services, services become platforms, and traditional roles, such as producers, customers, employees, etc. often become blurred to look more like partners in the co-generation of value.

Plastic Kills is a hydra of multilingual websites and social media shining light on the real impacts of the misuse of plastic on the environments and human health. With a teasing and striking logo and a straightforward language, PlasticKills, promotes new narratives around a safer and wiser use of plastics.  Plastic Kills was prototyped first in Spanish Language (El Plástico Mata), and it attracted 3 million media hits in its first month of existence. Stay tuned for more languages to roll out. Plastic Kills is a project born within Kumu and incubated in house from the ground up.

Aikuma is a crowd-powered mobile platform to preserve and translate millions of stories, songs, and teachings from thousands of unwritten languages all over the world which are in danger of immediate extinction.  Aikuma’s algorithms allow for automated translation and preservation of the voices and their meaning.  Kumu is helping Aikuma with innovative narratives and strategies to build a global movement to fuel the preservation of the invaluable oral heritage, literature, songs, and local knowledge that is being lost to humanity forever.


Deep Hush is an immersive performance piece and a campaign weaving together dance, music and marine bioacustics in oder to create heart-mind-body awareness around ocean noise pollution and its devastating effects on whales, dolphins and other marine life. Deep Hush offers new environmental narratives anchored around art, sensory awareness, somatic expression, mindfulness meditation and transpersonal psychology. After a brief intro and a meditation, silence and the cello of Michael Fitzpatrick start to mingle with the sounds of marine mammals in an immersive setting. These haunting soundscapes interact with underwater recordings of sound pollution, mixed by ocean bioacoustician and musician Michael Stocker. The dance of Raquel Boluda brings these elements together, allowing the audience to experience the effects of ocean noise on their own physical, emotional, and energetic bodies. To be produced internationally at aquariums, conferences and other venues.Deep Hush is a project born within Kumu and incubated in house from the ground up.


Alchemy Spinning™ is a powerful and yet accessible whirling somatic practice. Alchemy Spinning™ makes the physical, psychological and holotropic benefits of whirling available to everybody. It provides both participants and spectators with an expanded state of consciousness conducive to creative breakthroughs and personal transformation. Among other uses, Alchemy Spinning is an excellent platform to help groups unlock their creative potential, overcome conflict, and achieve their goals, whether for personal growth, activism, art making, learning, innovation, team building, or co-creation.

Neuroactivism is the first bridge between the neuromarketing community and the value-driven world. This groundbreaking collaboration between neuromarketers and activists seeks to pioneer ways for causes to benefit from neuroscience-based insights, tips and tools. In addition, Neuroactivism offers new narratives for the power of applied neuroscience research at the intersection of business and values. Neuroactivism may also guide neuromarketers into future trends where businesses will have to communicate not only how certain products and services can enhance the consumer’s life, but how these can also support the sustainability of all life. Neuroactivism is a project born within Kumu and incubated in house from the ground up


Midway Education Collaborative invites viewers of the feature film Midway, by Chris Jordan, to engage deeply with, be inspired by, and create work from the major narratives presented in the film, such as connection to nature, beauty, grief, and transformation. The trailer for Midway has more than 10 million views on Vimeo and the film is poised to become a cultural landmark. Kumu is incubating  The Midway Education Collaborative from the ground up with creative leadership, organizational development, and acceleration. The Midway Education Collaborative has received the financial support of Qatar Foundation International


Nano Pollution Coalition.  A laboratory to discuss the narratives, language, stories, myths, and artifacts of the future that can be the most effective for ensuring that nanotechnology affirms human health, human rights and the web of life –and to stop adverse effects. Website coming soon

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